Buffalo Bisons 'Sky High' 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Buffalo Bisons 'Sky High' 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Available Sunday July 9, 2023

Step into the open skies with the Buffalo Bisons 'Sky High' 59Fifty Fitted Hat. This unique headpiece captures the infinite allure of the sky, showcasing a captivating sky-blue crown that mirrors the expansive horizon of Buffalo's famed landscapes. Reflecting the clear skies that often grace our city, the hat's sky-blue crown brings a breath of fresh air into your style. Coupled with the Buffalo Bisons logo embroidered in meticulous detail, this hat is an irresistible blend of sports, fashion, and natural inspiration that transcends the typical sports gear.

Tilt this cap upwards to discover a vivid, pink undervisor, echoing the spectacular hues of a Buffalo sunset. This unexpected pop of color embodies the spirit of the city at dusk, offering a piece of Buffalo's scenic views right at the brim of your cap.

The 'Sky High' 59Fifty Fitted Hat goes beyond being just a sports accessory – it tells a story of the city, its landscapes, and the untamed spirit of the Buffalo Bisons.

Whether you're a local resident, a devoted Bisons fan, or a lover of innovative fashion, this hat lets you carry a piece of Buffalo with you wherever you go, always reminding you of the spectacular skies that canopy our beloved city.