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Jason Mark Hat Care Kit

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Stay clean from head to toe. The Jason Markk Hat Care Kit includes an all-new, fragrance-free solution specifically formulated to gently yet effectively clean hat materials, along with our signature soft-bristled Premium Brush. This gentle new formula is safe for cotton, wool, felt, corduroy, polyester and more. Designed for quick and easy care, our Ready-To-Use Hat Cleaner dispenses the perfect ratio of solution to water for the most effective clean every single time.

  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Safe on all materials
  • Fragrance-free
  • Specifically formulated

Included In Kit

4oz. Ready-To-Use Hat Cleaner

Keep your head in the game with gentle yet effective cleaning power in every pump. Designed with ease, our RTU Hat Cleaner is pre-mixed with the perfect ratio of solution and water - just pump and scrub, no water needed.

Premium Cleaning Brush

Crafted with soft hog’s hair bristles and a walnut wood handle, our Premium Brush cleans hats with care. Gentle enough for delicate materials. Use dry for daily maintenance, or use our RTU Hat Cleaner for a deeper clean. When used with solution, rinse with water, shake, stand to brush upright and allow to air dry.